SCENES FROM SALÉ / مشاهد من سلا

SCENES FROM SALÉ / مشاهد من سلا

Pays/Country: Morocco

Durée / Timing : 14min

Production/Producer : Saladoc

Réalisation/Director: Imrane Rahani

Scénario/ Screenplay :   Imrane Rahani

Casting / acteurs : Mouhcine El Haouzi


البلد : المغرب

المدة :  14د

إنتاج  : Saladoc

إخراج  : عمران رحاني

سيناريو : عمران رحاني

تشخيص : محسن الحوزي



AR :

AN : A group of young optimistic filmmakers stroll the marginilized city of Salé, provoking several first time interactions and deep exchanges with the people of the city. The individuals evoke their personal life and experiences, addressing themes of art, work, suffering and the current state of the country.

FR :

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