• October 23rd at 3pm – Morocco time
Introducing Jerome Gary and Muriel Aboulrouss
  • October 24th 

12 – 2pm first session with Jerome Gary on storytelling.

3pm – 5pm first session with Muriel Aboulrouss on how to use your smart phones as a filmmaking tool, different types of shots and how to cover a scene, fundamental stuff about storytelling.
  • October 25th
2pm – 4pm second session with Jerome Gary on storytelling
  • October 26th
4pm – 6pm second session with Muriel Aboulrouss on the technical aspects to consider while using the phone a Q&A on concerns and technical questions with the participants.
  • October 29
Morning – We receive the vimeo link with all the films for our feedback and comments
Afternoon – we have a zoom session between the participants and Jerome and Muriel to discuss all the films
  • October 30
Finalizing the film